Wineyard and Cellar

Wineyard and Cellar

Walk through the wineyards, discover our wines and our stories narrated by the producers who will lead you in a taste journey of this land.


*In case of wheather permission and the wish to expand your experience, we propose the visit in the wineyards Crivelletto (Barbera), that means enlarge the visit of around 30 minutes.

** Kids are always welcome, they might have the tasting with you by picking up a soft drink or virgin cocktail, for 5 euros per kid.

Cossetti Must
  • Tasting of three representative wines of the Winery.
    Combination with homemade breadsticks and local cheese.
    20 euro per person

  • Wine tasting of five wines from Monferrato territory in combination with our homemade bakery, dried fruit, and local cheese.

    30 euro per person

Cossetti Collection
  • We propose a wide telling and tasting of seven wines, from the tradition, classical, cru and news. Possibility of a guided visit in the historical Cossetti winery, 6 kilometers from Locanda's, based on availability and upon reservation.
    We combine wine with homemade breadsticks, local cheese and dried fruit.

    40 euro per person

Locanda Cossetti @locandacossetti